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Dedication & Commitment 

As a licensed psychologist with a private practice and over 20 years of psychotherapy, I am constantly trying not only to improve as a clinician, but also help other therapists hone their skills as well. Educating associate therapists has been a significant part of my career both in and out of private practice. I have found that being a clinical supervisor is not only gratifying but has helped me sharpen my own techniques.

In my experience, two very important aspects of successful psychotherapy are therapist empathy and insight. Being an empathic therapist helps my clients to accept themselves more completely. My insight helps clients understand themselves, their patterns, and their past more thoroughly. As the client learns greater self-acceptance and gains insight, symptoms such as depression and anxiety often diminish and progress towards goals can occur.

I am dedicated to what I do, am thoroughly committed to helping my clients clarify and achieve their goals, and maintain an environment of respect and confidentiality. I work with people that are dealing with a variety of challenges in their lives and help my patients examine key aspects of their past experiences that may affect their present lives. I have seen therapy improve the quality of clients’ relationships, work and overall life, often witnessing my clients’ energy becoming channeled into more gratifying relationships, work, and play.

Dr. Michael Whitman

Dr. Whitman & Associates, April 2023

Our Associates

I invite you to meet my team. We offer a session in a variety of languages including: Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French and Czech

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or to set up your complimentary initial 25 minute consultation.

Trina Chan MA, LMFT 119831 California

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, bilingual in both English and Mandarin. I received my MA degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University, CA and I am also a Certified Life Coach. 

I have worked with a diverse population, ranging from providing individual and group therapy to women and children survivors of domestic violence at the Asian Pacific Women’s Center, to providing support to those in emotional distress and with suicidal tendencies at The Samaritans in Hong Kong. I have experience in working with anxiety, trauma, depression, grief and loss, family and relationship issues and life transitions, amongst others.


Francine Duran M.A., AMFT 93316 California

My interest is to help you understand not only the present symptoms and issues you may be experiencing, but also to promote the idea of a more meaningful life. I understand the obstacles we run into and the difficulty we find ourselves in, whether it is in a relationship, employment, or just personal growth. Often, along our journey we get stuck and don’t know how to get unstuck. Therefore, we stay stuck and life may become very heavy. Lets explore the heaviness in your journey and lets become enlightened.

Francine holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasize in Marriage and Family Therapy from the California Graduate Institute of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In addition, she holds a Certificate in Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from the New Center for Psychoanalysis. She is a registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with the California Board of Behavioral Science #93316. 


Si Shen M.A., AMFT# 124655 California

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, bilingual in English and Mandarin. I am passionate about collaboratively helping my clients to reach their goals and decrease their suffering. My goal is to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment and promote growth for my client through caring and quality services. Because I was born and raised in China, I have a deeper understanding of Asian culture and am familiar with the challenges and difficulties of immigrants. I am able to work with clients who require sensitive and customized services based on their needs.

Si Shen

Nadya Leavitt, MD, AMFT#133751 California

Having both degrees in medicine and psychology helped me to create a holistic approach which incorporates science, soul, and body. During our work together I will gently guide you towards the goals you want to achieve as well as explore and release all the difficulties you have on the way.

I work with adolescents and adults who want to improve their symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction as well as those who feel stuck, lonely, self-conscious, or overwhelmed. I also enjoy helping couples who are facing various marital problems. My passion is to bring you back to where you would like to be, where you feel accomplished and good enough.


Chris Chamberlain MA, AMFT#130148 California

I work in a predominantly psychodynamic framework, developing a relationship to establish a collaborative style of work to deal with a variety of concerns, circumstances and goals. It will be challenging yet supportive. I have a gentle approach, but will be as direct as I feel is appropriate. I'm interested in working with people who are seeking to make a change in their lives, as well as those who wish to understand more about themselves and explore new habits for longevity and happiness. Wherever you're at and whatever you need to talk about, my goal is to create a safe, empathic and understanding environment to have those conversations.

My style is primarily relational. I believe this is how change can occur. Exploring thoughts, feelings and ideas free from a rigid agenda or structure, you will be able to dictate and manipulate the space in a way that is unique to you. I work with anxiety, depression, self-discovery, trauma, addiction, mood disorders, personality disorders, and relationships (both couples and individuals). I offer psychotherapy to adults, couples and children.



We also offer sliding scale psychotherapy as well as therapy in multiple languages.